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Christ The Knowledge Of God

Flesh Of His Flesh And Bone Of His Bone

The Body Comes Together With Sinew and The Breath of God

Part Three

By Apostle/Prophetess Jacquelyn Fedor
2012 - 07 - 16

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Christ The Knowledge Of God Series
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In the first two blasts of this series we discovered how feasting on God's knowledge produces good fruit and maturity in God. Feeding on the thinking of Satan produces rotten fruit and we become more like him. We that are born through the knowledge released for this age, that feed on the revealed Word of God are the first fruits of this knowledge and therefore the first fruits of this age. The first fruits, 10% of anything, belongs to God. It's a spiritual law. On the other hand, those that walk according to the world's wisdom are first fruits belonging to their master. The word "fruit" in the Strongs Hebrew dictionary means:
6529; first fruit, full reward, to 6509; be fruitful, multiply, increase.
It trails to 6514 and 6504 meaning:break through separate self or negatively, be out of joint sever self.
We could trace it much further, giving us an even broader outlook, but this is sufficient to show us eating from the Tree of Life (Christ) will produce first fruits that will receive full reward of His covenants, and the many promises of God. As God's children, His firstborn, they will separate themselves from the world and its systems to be fruitful for the Kingdom of God. Satan's fruit is completely out of joint with the body of Christ because they sever themselves from God by being lovers of themselves and their own intellect. On the other hand, those that love God's truth will be out of joint with the world and will not fit with the world's people. The fruit of the two opposite trees will never mix well together.
The previous blasts of this series also disclosed how the knowledge of God and separation from the world correlated with becoming flesh of His flesh and bone of His bone. So now let us take a quick look at the word sinews to see the body of Christ fully maturing in God's knowledge, coming together and rising up to overcome the enemy. We will begin to see how the children of God are appearing, manifesting as his covenant people and implementing God's plan for restoration as the body of Christ.
The number of sinew is 1517 meaning to compress a tendon to 1464, crowd overcome attack invade akin to 1413, assemble by troops gather selves cut selves. As the born again feed on truth, separate and assemble together in troops, the body of Christ is being formed. When the people of God gather together, crowd, they carry each other along, putting the body of Christ in motion, to invade and attack the enemy, to overcome the dark side of the supernatural as they unitedly pray and praise. As they prophetically pray and praise, God through them breathes life into situations as well as the people they are standing in the gap for. Just as Adam was formed, but did not live until God blew His breath into him, so the last Adam, the body of Christ, will not come alive without the breath of God.
7307 in the Strongs gives us the definitions of breath: exhalation life anger courage mind spiritual tempest whirlwind to 7306, blow breath perceive make quick understanding.
There are more definitions, but I think these are enough to give us the insight, perception and understanding that life itself comes from the breath of God as His people testify, prophesy, gather together to praise and pray. Covered with God's knowledge, filled with His Spirit, separated to themselves, they are no longer dry bones buried in the graves of Babylon's churches, but a church alive and glorious, spiritual whirlwinds with the courage to execute judgment on the world's systems. They are a people that understand who is behind the world's condition today and have righteous anger towards the enemy. Flesh, bone, sinew and breathing! The body of Christ is slowly rising!
For those disappointedly trying to find life in the world's religions, look at the definitions of dry to recognize if you are perhaps one that has become a part of the dry bones. 3002 from 3001, Be ashamed confused disappointed witherdo shamefully. Remember when Eve chose Satan's knowledge they became ashamed. They stood spiritually naked as God's knowledge was withdrawn and became soulishly aware of their physical nakedness. The eyes of their spirit closed through severing themselves from the mind of God and their soulish eyes opened to Satan's counsel and his evil nature. They became confused, they were new to sin, had never experienced evil. They were disappointed, as they lost their intimacy with God and were no longer in His image or bound to Him. They were out of order, unharmonious with the rest of God's creation. They forfeited their dominion and ownership of the earth to the enemy. Without God's knowledge they would wither and die spiritually. Because they shamefully disobeyed the law of God and exposed themselves to sin, they would pay the wages of sin, physical death. Tragically what they became is what we as their descendants are today. This is why the world's churches, founded by the children of Adam, are so dry. In fact you could say they are spiritually dead on the streets of Babylon, the mystery city, the Bride of Satan. She encompasses all the world's religions developed from Adam's choice of knowledge. She is a grave for those that refuse to leave her.
John 3:3 tells us we can't see the Kingdom of God as Adam's seed, we must be born again and then obediently answer Revelation 18:4 to start all over.
4 And I heard another voice from heaven saying, "Come out of her, my people (Babylon), lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.
What are the signs of a dead church? If you are confused as to who you are or where you fit in the body of Christ, beware! You should have received the call God has on your life through prophecy. If you know there is evil performed by or accepted by your leadership, beware! We teach what we know, but reproduce what we are. If you are taught the same foundational message over and over with no fresh manna and you are living a life of defeat and despair, beware! Fresh manna brings life and initiates change. If you do not have an intimate personal relationship with God and you do not know how to communicate with Him, beware! You should have been taught as a spiritual baby how to communicate with your Father. If those you call brothers and sisters are involved with the world's systems, pleasures, culture, beware! How can the Kingdom of God be truly in their hearts? Please heed the voice of the Lord in the above scripture, Revelation 18:4. Hear also what the Spirit is saying to the church today. The word "hear" by the way is number 8085 meaning: listen consider pay attention obey.
Repent for your walk as Adam, break soul ties to the world and its people, put the traditions of men, their holidays, songs etc. behind you and run to the Kingdom of God! Speaking of repenting, the definitions of repent are quite interesting also. In Hebrew it is 7725.
7725 to turn back (hence, away) (not necessarily with the idea of return to the starting point); generally to retreat; (break, circumcise, weep), bring (again, back, home again), call (to mind), convert, get (oneself) (back) again, go again (back, home), recover, refresh, relieve, rescue, restore, reverse, reward,
In repentance is the promise of restoration! Repent in the Greek dictionary is numbers 3340, 3539, 1097.
3340 from 3326 and 3539; to think differently or afterwards, i.e. reconsider, repent.
3539 from 3563; to exercise the mind (observe), to comprehend, heed:--consider, perceive, think, understand.
1097. to "know", be aware (of), (have) know(-ledge), perceived, can speak, be sure, understand.
Through repentance we reconnect with the mind of God bringing ourselves, line upon line, precept upon precept, back into alignment with creation through obedience to the spiritual laws of God. No longer are we a part of the body of the lawless one. Again there are many definitions, but these will give you a glimpse of how important repentance is. A sin that has not been repented of cannot come under the blood of Jesus! Sadly those in dry places are not taught the full gospel. Much knowledge is left out or perverted and in its place is the tainted message of Satan with lies and false doctrines guiding lives. People in these spiritually dry places are not a part of the Body of Christ, so we must come out of them! We can be bound to the wrong body and without meaning to, be bone of Satan's bone! If we are satisfied with old manna, happy with the same familiar traditions or rituals, we are caught in Satan's web of lies and we are flesh of his flesh! If we are comfortable with where we are and do not want to change, then we and those we assemble with have become not only dry bones, but the sinew that holds together and keeps in motion the body of the lawless one who is Anti-Christ, Satan! There are many antichrists, but when assembled together, unitedly teaching false doctrines and lies, functioning through the intellect of man, these are the body of Satan and in direct opposition to God and His body. Satan against Christ through man. Whose body are we a part of?
Wake up church, wake up and look at what is happening. Read the news. Do you see evidence of the knowledge of God shaping His body, perfecting His Bride? Or do you see evidence of humanity giving free rein to Satan to do through them whatever he and his evil spirits wish to do? The world is in worse shape than Sodom and Gomorrah. It is as in the days of Noah! As God looked down the world was so evil He was sorry He made man. What were they doing? The same things we read about today! The scriptures promise, as God destroyed the world because of man's actions once, so He promises to do so again. Remember, He promises to destroy only this world, its thinking, its culture, its systems, its people, but His Kingdom will be established on His knowledge and run according to His will and rise in its place. All ravages of Eve's sin will be removed!
In closing, perfect tomorrows are promised to those that are flesh of His flesh, bone of His bone, and separated to form the spiritual sinew that allows the body to move smoothly in unison and harmony. A body that loves Him and rejoices in His law, understanding the law is the expression of His will. A body that considers precious, knowledge about Him as well as receiving knowledge from Him. Flesh of His flesh, bone of His bone, united through the knowledge of God, of one mind, one language, one vision, the breathed upon, the true Body of Christ in the image of the Word.