Lyrics & Music by: Apostle Jacquelyn Fedor

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Who really are the noble families of the earth?
We know all born to Adam are a race the Lord has cursed
The prosperous ones of royal blood think they're the special breed,
But they're counterfeit of the chosen ones, the Lord's sacred seed.
And they can't subdue the sacred seed.

Who really are the enlightened ones, those that hold the power?
Is it not the ones that receive God's truth from the seals in this last hour?
As the Lord's revealers feed the truth to His five fold ministry
They will oppose the plans of the Brotherhood and the lies of the Illuminati
And they can't subdue the sacred seed.


Is there really a world conspiracy to control and rule mankind?
Yes there is, but they will fail because the truth will undermine
The lies and the deception of the men of power and greed
Their god of force can no way win against the God of the sacred seed.
His name is YAHWEH and they can't subdue the sacred seed.


The seed of Abraham, Tabernacle of the Lamb
They can't subdue the sacred seed
Army of God, Zion Warriors
The Sacred Seed
The Royal family
Sacred Seed.