Lyrics & Music by: Apostle Jacquelyn Fedor

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As the sons of man multiplied on the earth and grew:
Daughters were born to them, full of beauty and grace.
The angels of heaven beheld them, 
And evil came into their minds:
They said, let us choose human wives for ourselves,
And raise sons of our own from mankind.

Simjaza was chief over two hundred angels that fell:
Taking an oath against God, they each chose a wife.
Conceiving, they brought forth great giants
That ate all that man could produce.
Soon there was no way to feed them or stop them,
So destruction and havoc were loosed.


The Most High God, the Great and Holy One spoke:
"I'm grieved in my heart that I have made man on the earth!
I will destroy with flood waters, every man, beast and fowl of the air.
Only my righteous and holy man Noah, along with his family I'll spare."

Simple mankind died that day,
The angels returned to their former state:
The evil spirits of their offspring 
Are what plague mankind today, plague mankind today.