Lyrics & Music by: Apostle Jacquelyn Fedor

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Thank you Lord for destroying my life in Adam,
And I thank you Lord for delivering me of myself.
And thank you for not placing me in the world with notoriety,
But leaving me obscurely on the shelf:
Completely void of glamour, fame or wealth.
Thank you Lord, Thank you Lord.


And I thank you Lord for turning deaf ears to my pleas,
For not giving me all the things that I thought I must have.
Thank you for ignoring me, Thank you Lord for shaping me
Into Your Bride - and now Your Wife:
Receive my will - I give to You my life.
Thank you Lord, I thank you Lord.

I give to You a broken heart over family and friends,
And I accept the lonely walk You've called me to.
I understand I had to leave the world and all iniquity,
So I could be completely filled with You -
And I dedicate my life to teaching truth.
I Thank you Lord, I Thank you Lord, 
I thank you Jesus for keeping me to Yourself,
Thank you Lord, Thank you Lord!