Lyrics by: Apostle Jacquelyn Fedor
Music by: Roy Zachry

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The Lord is a God that remembers, 
And He will surely repay
The wickedness of Babylon, 
And the Beast that paved her way.
Her broad walls shall be broken, 
And her gates will burn with fire:
Her people labor to save in vain, 
Her from that final hour.


Soon cries of anguish will be heard, 
Destruction has begun.
The Lord will plunder Babylon, 
And all her mighty ones.
But Jacob's portion is different, 
Israel is the tribe of the Lord:
They are His city, and His mountain, 
His end time weapons of war.

These are the vine that bear the fruit, 
The gold that passed the test:
A people of praise that love their God, 
All nations call them blessed.
But death will conquer Babylon, 
And the beast must meet defeat:
But joy and laughter will be heard 
In New Jerusalem's Streets.


In New Jerusalem's Streets.
In New Jerusalem, New Jerusalem.
Victory will be there!