Lyrics & Music by: Apostle Jacquelyn Fedor

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The bride of Satan stands before you, lovely to your eyes.
The royal robes, the crown of gold, is part of her disguise.
Take the mask from off her face, remove the royal clothes:
Underneath, there's death and grief, and evil's all she knows.

See her beauty standing there, simply dressed in white.
Her crown's removed, it's given to the groom, the Prince of Light.
Love is shining from her eyes, her smile is just for Him:
Her skin so smooth, the spots removed, in her there is no sin.

In this corner Babylon stands with the Prince of Hell:
Across from them Lord Sabaoth, with His Bride, Israel.
There goes the bell, the fight begins, it's darkness against light -
The devil's plan to conquer man and God begins tonight.

The harlot screams out blasphemies, and throws her golden cup:
The fornication and abomination against Israel erupts.
She strikes the schools and Israel's homes, their children are misled.
She steals their wealth, destroys their health,
And leaves them there for dead.

Her sins reach high to heavens gates: God sees the greed and sin -
Repay her double for the trouble, destruction must begin.
The Bride has been made ready now, My glory is her shield:
Her gates are strong, and so no wrong, can ever make her yield.

The king's abandoned Babylon, the Beast turns on her too,
In just one hour, she's burned in fire -
The queen of hate is through.
The queen of hate is through.

See pure beauty standing there, simply dressed in white:
Here comes the Bride, here comes the Bride.