Lyrics & Music by: Apostle Jacquelyn Fedor

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There are people no-one knows about, and few have seen:
New creatures - shaped by truth into the image of Elohim.
They are living stones with the law written by the finger of God - on their hearts:
They're not led by lies and sin - they are guided by the wind - and they see clearly in the dark.


They're overcomers that prevail - they never grow tired, nor can they fail:
They are one loaf with the Bread of Life, chosen by God - His Shulamite.

There are people with no beginning - that have no end,
Born through God - wrapped in love - death has no hold on them.
They are virgins - trained by life - tested in fire to be made like - the Lamb.
Anointed vessels filled with oil, holy and unspoiled, by the world and the systems of man.

These have shared in the cup of banquet wine: they're joined together - as a different kind.
They're the Master's doves, they're His kindred blood - not controlled by thehands of time.


They are the children of eternity - children of eternity:
When God casts the lot, and Purim is fought, these will be set free,
They're children of the new age - of eternity - children of eternity.