Lyrics & Music by: Apostle Jacquelyn Fedor

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We are the Church Triumphant, we are the children of Abraham,
We have no beginning, we have no end, 
Ours is an everlasting Kingdom.


We are the born again new creatures,
All that was created for this earth is ours.
We are the blessed of God - no curse can rest on us,
We are the children of the promise.


We are the new wine - the kindred blood of Yeshua,
We are the fresh showbread and one loaf with the Lord.
Our hearts remember - father Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,
And their hearts are turned to us - the sacred seed
God promised to restore, God promised to restore,
God promised to restore.


And the hearts of the children have returned to the fathers,
And the hearts of the fathers have returned from paradise
To the children:
No curse on them - the seed of Abraham is blessed again.