Apostle Jacquelyn Fedor



There are three kinds of Knowledge:

1. Natural knowledge. You don't have to be saved or even Godly to function or think in the natural. This kind of knowledge was experienced for the first time in history by Eve in the garden when she fell. Her logic and actions were the result of reasoning through her soul man and ignoring her conscience, the voice of her spirit. You can't win a battle against evil spirits with your soulish intellect. There are two forces that influence your thinking. Godly wisdom operates through your spirit, causing you to look at life circumstances as God sees things, and your actions are the result. On the other hand, if you allow your soul man to control you through its emotions, and to influence your body's feelings, you are allowing yourself to be tainted by Satan's logic and led by your intellect. It will "feel" comfortable or "feel" right, because it will agree with what you want rather than being the result of God's will.

2. Biblical knowledge. This is knowledge based on truth. It's not the result of just memorizing scriptures, but rather from receiving illumination of the scripture by God's Spirit. Thus, your actions are governed by rhema or divine explanation of the Word. This is a wonderful way to operate, but it's still not Word of Knowledge.

3. Word of Knowledge. This knowledge is acquired through the operation of the Holy Spirit through your spirit man. It is not the result of study or experience.

Side Note: We cannot work hard enough or be good enough to work in the Spirit and function in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. They are gifts from God and operate as you release them through faith. We are not talking about the gift of faith either. We are talking about a common faith created in each person, to function to the degree they will step out and exercise their God-given ability. I mentioned these three types of knowledge above because Word of Knowledge is unlike the other two in that the knowledge comes straight from the mind of God. It's from His Spirit to yours, to reveal a thought or a fact that you did not know concerning a person or place or a particular time or season etc. It's a tiny fragment of information unrevealed before to you. It's not an added knowledge, but an added word of knowledge. An example would be, the revelation of where something can be found that has been lost. Word of Knowledge can reveal the cause of sickness or even demon possession. Again, word of knowledge is not a thought that has been formed by anything you know in the natural. If you know it, it's not word of knowledge. An example of someone in the Bible receiving word of knowledge is Acts 5:1-4. To prepare the account so you better understand what happened here, a group of people decided to sell all their belongings, and give the money to the disciples, who would in turn divide the proceeds up to meet everyone's needs. What was left over would be used by the church to advance the gospel of the Kingdom. No-one had to be a part of this. It was a purely voluntary act. With this in mind, let us look at what happened, and how word of knowledge exposed it.
Acts 5:1-4
1 But a certain man named Ananias, with Sapphira his wife; sold a possession
2 And he kept back part the proceeds his wife also being aware of it, and brought a certain part and laid it at the apostles' feet.
3 But Peter said, "Ananias, why has Satan filled your heart to lie to the Holy Spirit and keep back part of the price of the land for yourself? (Word of Knowledge is working here).
4 While it remained, was it not your own? And after it was sold, was it not in your own control? Why have you conceived this thing in your heart? You have not lied to men by to God." (God sees all that is done in secret and this is an example of how He reveals it to His leadership [Peter was an Apostle] through Word of Knowledge).
Word of Knowledge was released in this case for the protection of the church, so it would not be tainted and suffer defeat. This was very important at this time in history, because God was moving from Judaism to Christianity, and He did not want Satan to short circuit the power it would take to thrust the church forward. This is why He took such strong measures as actually causing death to come against Ananias and Sapphira. Is it not going to be the same today? We are moving from Christianity to the eternal church. Once again the power must not be broken! We too can purge God's family of corruption and deception and establish holiness in the body of Christ through the gifts of the Spirit. Right now leadership is patiently waiting for people to mature and walk holy. Soon and very soon however we will be given the instructions to go forward and possess the land, and leadership will speak as did Peter. Body members at this time will no longer be fooled by the enemy through people of the world, or even those in the church, so as to be lured into ungodly situations. It is once again a time that the power of God must not be broken through deliberate sin and lawlessness, or we will continue to be a weak and powerless people, never able to manifest the Church Triumphant, and never getting the victory for the Kingdom or ourselves.
How does Word of Knowledge operate?

1. It is motivated by the Spirit of God

2. It is activated by your faith.

How will it manifest?
It can come as an inspired impression, thought or a vision. As you get further along it may come through during the prophetic flow as you prophesy. Another good example of Word of Knowledge is, you may sense a physical sensation in your body that doesn't belong, or wasn't there before, such as a pain in your elbow or a headache. Your knee may exhibit pain, etc. Each of us will work in our own way. When God reveals something to you, if you pray it, the person you are interceding the pain for will be healed. What God reveals, He heals. As you practice you will become comfortable working in your spirit, hand in hand with the Lord's Spirit. When we all get confident of our gifting just think, as a united group with the head or government guiding the body, and the body doing all the things the Word says we can do, how can we lose?


Word of Wisdom is the insight, direction or specific counsel for a situation that is beyond our natural mind to know. It is receiving direction from God on how to do something that you do not know how to do.

1. Noah was told how to build the boat or Ark.

2. Moses was told how to build the Ark of the Covenant.

3. Joseph was told how to lay up provision to offset the seven years of famine.

In these end times it is great that we also can count on the promises God makes to His people just like these men of old. God says He does nothing without first telling His servants the prophets. He also promises that the brethren will not be caught unaware, but we must be able to receive Word of Wisdom to be warned, especially those of you called to leadership. This Wisdom is from heaven, from the mind of God, not a wisdom compiled and evaluated from our life's experiences. education or earthly training. In fact, in I Corinthians it tells us God has made foolish the wisdom of this world and goes on to tell us God chooses the foolish to confound the worldly wise ones. Word of Wisdom is a flash of divine inspiration that is nearly always aimed at the future. It is at times a glance into the hidden realms of Father's future plans and purposes. It could be said this way. It is the revelation of God's will as to how to do something, when to do it, where to do it, and who to do it to or for. The gift of wisdom is not the illumination of scripture on how to do something, but the unfolding or uncovering of His unrevealed Word and the declaration of His hidden purposes apart from His Word. A Biblical example: Solomon by Word of Wisdom knew what it would take to motivate two women into telling the truth concerning a child both women claimed was theirs. The real mother, as a result of Solomon's inspired wisdom to cut the baby in half so both could have it, agreed that the false mother should take the child. Solomon of course knew at once that the child's real mother could not stand to see him killed and she was awarded her child. You can read this account in I Kings 3:16-28.
Again, Word of Wisdom is a Spirit-inspired revelation released for many purposes. Through leadership God will warn of impending danger, confirm a call on someone's life, assure one of blessings or judgment to come. Or it can be personal guidance for an individual leading him in a particular direction for special personal circumstances. Body members may receive direction on how to do something they don't know how to do for themselves or others. Words of Wisdom can come forth through the body to bring healing to sick, to encourage those losing heart or that are unsure of their walk etc. So Word of Knowledge is a fact from God, Word of Wisdom is direction from God. Now let us look at:


To discern spirits means to determine the spiritual source of an attitude or action of an individual, or what spiritual being is creating a specific atmosphere or invading a particular environment. So through the gift of discernment we can determine if something is divine, devilish, or of human origin. Through this gift we not only have the ability to identify evil spirits, but we can also expose their assignments. The Spirit of discernment is our safeguard against deception. Discernment in Greek means 'judging through", or a piercing of all that is outward and a seeing right through. Do not get confused here. It is not keen insight into human nature. Many people have this discernment that are not saved or spirit filled. It is not really so much what you can see as what you sense in the spiritual realm. It's a knowing. The eyes of your spirit will however be able to practice seeing in these activations as Adam and Eve saw while they were still perfect. Your spiritual eyes and your spiritual senses must be trained to actually see and tap into three realms. The Kingdom of darkness, the Kingdom of Light, and into the realm of the human soul. You must be trained and able to detect the Lord's presence, anointing and His divine leading, as well as demonic activity. Discerning what spirit is behind the demonic activity in people, situations, or geographic areas must be determined if we are to pray effectively against them and see the earth restored and rid of evil. How can the enemies of God's Kingdom be bound for a thousand years in Hell if we can't discern them, and how can the assignments put against God's family and Kingdom be loosed if we just blame everything on circumstances or fate? Word of caution here, you must be very careful to not become God's little detectives, always looking for devil inspired problems, especially in your brothers and sisters! The Lord does not sanction fault-finding. He hates a critical or judgmental attitude. He is a God of love. So, if you operate in that mode, you yourself are not operating in the right spirit, nor in a gift from the Holy Spirit! The Word says, "by their fruit you will know them." Unforgiveness and fault-finding is not a fruit of a Godly spirit.


If the fruit of a person or situation is good, it is of the Tree of Life. If the fruit is partly good, but partly rotten as well, it is of the Tree of Good and Evil, and is to be avoided! For body members, where the flock is concerned, trust that Jesus in your leaders will cause them to see those that are bound up by the enemy and bearing bad fruit. (Remember Ananias and Sapphira.) Rotten fruit will not get by their spiritual nose. Let them deal with these ones. You use your discernment to avoid joining in their problems and not eating from their fruit. For the most part, those of you who are body members or ones not yet in leadership should use your gift of discernment for your own safety or perhaps for detecting what spirit is behind sickness in yourself or others so you can pray with results. More importantly, use your discernment to detect what spirits are over God's Kingdom to hinder its advancement, as well as what power of darkness is the key principality over your county and city. Loose their assignments, put them, their evil followers, and the assignments they've placed against God's people, into the pit. Bind them there in Jesus name and lock them up with the key of David. Use your revelatory gifts fully! Walk in discernment to avoid the snares of Satan. If you sense danger or a problem, ask the Holy Spirit for a word of Knowledge of what the check of discernment in your spirit is about, then ask again for a word of wisdom that you may that you may know what to do about the situation. This is walking in the spirit.


Keep in mind as you begin to work in your gifting, that maturity and spirituality are not related. Maturity is a Godly character, while spirituality operates through the principle of Faith. This faith is not in yourself, but in the Lord's ability to inform you. All you have to do is yield your spirit, or tap in, to receive the information. Remember this: Faith is an activator or door opener. It causes the supernatural to become a workable reality. Faith makes the supernatural natural.