Part Three

Apostle Jacquelyn Fedor


As we continue our study of Anti-Christ, we will see that not only is the body of Anti-Christ called the man of sin and the man of lawlessness, but it is also called the son of perdition.
2 Th 2:3
3 Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition,
We have already seen many fall from Truth and now we would like to reveal the son of perdition. Who was the son of perdition? Was it not Judas Iscariot? So the body of Anti-Christ is in thinking and in action just like him. When asked who would be the one that would betray Him, Jesus answered in John 13: 26-27.
John 13:26-27
26 Jesus answered, "It is he to whom I shall give a piece of bread (Jesus is the Bread of Life, and He gave His life for even His enemies) when I have dipped it. (He laid His life in the grave for us) And having dipped the bread, He gave it to Judas Iscariot, the son of Simon. (He gave His life for many who would return to the world and its ways after being born again. Judas 's that will sell out their birthrights for the things the world offers.)"
27 Now after the piece of bread (bread is symbolic of Truth, so after being fed the bread of life or after being taught truth), Satan entered him (the Truth meant nothing to Judas so he was open for the lie to enter him). Then Jesus said to him, "What you do, do quickly (People that have been following Jesus, if they deliberately sin, can be possessed by Satan)."
John 17:11-12
11 "Now I am no longer in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to You. Holy Father, keep through Your name those whom You have given Me, that they may be one as We are.
12 "While I was with them in the world, I kept them in Your name. Those whom You gave Me I have kept; and none of them is lost except the son of perdition, that the Scripture might be fulfilled.
Judas walked with Jesus as part of His government and a close friend. He ate with the Lord, communioned with Him, heard Truth as taught by the Word Himself, then turned Him over to His enemies to be killed. It's sad to think a body of people with this same nature even exists today, but you know what? They are real and there are many of them. Just like Judas, they appear to walk with the Lord, act like they love and respect their leadership, but will bale out quickly from Truth that doesn't fit their lifestyle and will sell out the leadership that teaches it as well.
By studying his name however, "Judas Iscariot", we receive even further insight into the nature of Anti-Christ. Looking in the Strongs Concordance, we see Judas (2455 in the Hebrew) is the same as Judah. Jesus was of the tribe of Judah. So was Judas. In fact, he was the only one of the disciples that was a Jew or of the tribe of Judah. The rest were Hebrew, but from other tribes. When we are born again, Jesus becomes our brother, so we too are of His tribe after baptism.
Heb 7:14
14 For it is evident that our Lord arose from Judah, of which tribe Moses spoke nothing concerning priesthood.
Remember Galatians three?
Gal 3:29
29 And if you are Christ's, then you are Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise.
Abraham was the father of Israel. We are born again through God and the brothers and sisters of Christ, the Lion of Judah.
Rom 8:16-17
16 The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God,
17 and if children, then heirs-- heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, if indeed we suffer with Him, that we may also be glorified together.
So, we too are Israel and of the tribe of Judah, just like Christ and just like Judas! The question is, did we remain in Christ's possession or turn back to Satan's after becoming Judah?
To continue our study of the name Judas, we see that Judah means to plow, to praise. If we are born again, then we are a newborn generation of people created to praise God. We are the fulfillment of Psalms 102: 18.
Ps 102:18
18 This will be written for the generation to come, that a people yet to be created may praise the LORD.
We are meant to praise God alone however as a daily sacrifice. Anti-Christ tries his very best to stamp this adoration of God out with either worldly music or better yet, religious songs infested with false doctrines and lies. Anti-Christ hates to see credit and honor being given to God. In fact, the Anti-Christ spirit dislikes God's music because Truth emanates through it, love for God is expressed, and our total dependency on Him is acknowledged.
Side Note: Those filled with the Anti-Christ spirit will brag and boast of their own accomplishments, seeking praise for themselves. Satan's people, like him, are full of pride and arrogance so they celebrate man, even assigning them special holidays. All this is intended by Satan to draw God's people away from praising the Lord. He has deceived mankind into thinking all this hype to build up man is good, honorable, etc. Let's call it what it is: Idolatry. The true feasts of and about God are all but lost from the church and so is the high Tehelah spontaneous praise to Him. Don't get me wrong, we are to give honor to those that lay their lives down to serve God, His people and Kingdom. In fact the Bible says, give honor to whom honor is due, but to make idols or icons out of anyone, be it religious, sports, politics, or whatever, is very, very wrong.
To go further in our study of Judas, we see it's his last name that really opens the picture up as to who the Anti-Christ is. Iscariot is (2469 in the Greek), but again the name is of Hebrew origin so we must look at it in that section. Its numbers are 377 and 7149.
means: to be a man, act in a manly way, show oneself as a man.
Remember, as the body of Christ is made of many members, all carrying the anointing of Christ to form the full stature of Jesus (the perfect man), so the body of Satan, carrying the opposite or Anti-Christ anointing, makes up the full stature of Satan (the man of lawlessness). In the end it will be Jesus against Satan, Truth against lies, the lawless against those who keep His commandments. It will be Mount Sion (God's government) with New Jerusalem (the Lamb's Bride) against the governments of Satan and Babylon, his bride. All of this is through humanity!
The final number in our study of Iscariot is 7149, which means city. That city with the nature of Anti-Christ is full of false doctrines and lies. She is all the religions of the world that do not walk according to the Lord's commandments. She has acquired the law less nature of her mentor and king, and is the apostate church, Babylon. Her congregations, or children, are as compromising, immoral, and lawless as the evil king and queen. Their seed or children make up the body of Satan to come against Christ's body.
In closing, this body is the Son of Perdition, the man of sin, the lawless one. This is the Anti-Christ that so many are looking for!