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Christmas Past

By Apostle/Prophetess Jacquelyn Fedor
2014 - 12 - 22

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I am not going to write another blast concerning Christmas as it is a very small issue in the big picture of things. It is a minor atrocity that has evolved from a very major mistake mankind made. For your convenience we will link you to the former releases on Christmas, but I warn you, Satan would love to have us focus on the small things and draw our attention away from the real problem! Adam and Eve chose the knowledge of Satan over the Word, over the knowledge of God, over Christ. There is the answer to every problem on earth! We as their prodigy, as their descendants, have used this same tainted knowledge to build the world around us. It is the basis of our logic, the database for our intellect. It is all we've known. Out of Satan's knowledge the systems of man have evolved along with the world's holidays, education, economy and yes, even our religion is like the tree we chose, "good and evil". So rather than trying to destroy a small section of the root by exposing Christmas we are going after the tap root, the origin of all our problems. We are waking mankind up to the reason behind sickness, poverty, tragedies, sorrow, heartache, death and yes, Christmas! See how it pales in the light of the real problems? So please go back and read the previous series, Enforcing Christ's Victory to Earth. See how we have become an altered race, no longer after our own kind, as has most of creation. Get to the root of why this world is crumbling. You too can help chop at it to destroy and reverse the choice of Adam and Eve. We can bring to an end the 7,000 plus year reign of the Tree of Good and Evil, Satan himself and the supernatural hordes that follow him by choosing Christ, the Tree of Life and becoming a new species of man.