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God Will Intervene For His People

By Apostle/Prophetess Jacquelyn Fedor
2012 - 02 - 13

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Matthew 6:9-10
9 In this manner, therefore, pray: Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name.
10 Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
How will the Kingdom of God come? How can His will be established? What is our part? How will it all come about? For one thing we must think totally different for our thoughts to be more in line with God's. To accomplish this it is necessary to avidly study the Word, receive insight from the revealed message that is being released for this end time and allow truth to change our thinking which will also change our nature. Much of what we have been taught concerning God is derived from man's intellect spawned through the knowledge of the Tree of Good and Evil. We must choose knowledge from the Tree of Life so we can be returned to God's image and walk in His ways. This carnal world is evil and wicked by God's standards, therefore we must allow truth to change and lift us above the societal norms, so we can walk above the culture and systems of man to establish God's Kingdom. Let's face it, the world as we know it is fast falling apart, but the good news is, the Kingdom of God is rising!
Throughout history powerful, wealthy, highly educated men have risen to leadership positions to run this world. They have failed miserably, and man's crumbling governments cannot solve the irreversible problems that have evolved. These problems are the result of seven thousand, now beginning the eighth, years of man's wrongful thinking and bad choices. Forgetting about the choice Adam and Eve made, unknowingly, the world's systems are instigated and deviously implemented by God's adversary through man. Returning to God's selection of leaders and His form of government is the only real solution to our governmental dilemmas and world problems. Only God can restore order to this planet. The earth itself is at risk!
It will take the creator Himself to restore the earth to its original composition after being so recklessly depleted by greedy men. Not only straying from God's instruction concerning planting, the earth has been used as a dump, abused by testing nuclear weapons, etc. Man has ruined his own home!
It will take the Lord to restore the weather patterns power hungry humans have wrongly influenced, and restore the seasons they have tampered with. In fact, only the Creator can restore humanity itself to its original state of perfection as before the fall and reverse the ravages sin has had on all creation. Only He can remove decay, mold, sickness and death from our planet.
He will do exactly this if we will choose His knowledge, obey His commandments and love Him and His people. Seems simple enough, but when people are asked to change, to give up their traditional lifestyle practiced for years, they tend to renege. Yet the fact is, if we would admit it, it is our present lifestyle that is preventing us from making time to pray, reading the Word, communicating with God's people, and in many instances, our lifestyle causes us to be rebellious to God's commandments. Man's daily habits, founded by our intellect, often reflects the nature and person of the adversary so there is no place for our way of life in God's Kingdom. We must be willing to sacrifice our agendas and change as the Word of God reveals the Lord's will. When His will clashes with our lifestyle, habits, mindsets and traditions, all must go if we are to be ones God will use to establish the Kingdom.
An example of change, it's not always easy to separate ourselves from worldly friends living in a manner not acceptable to God, but the Word tells us a little leaven spoils the whole lump. Even jobs that require us to practice unethical methods must be replaced. Entertainment that we wouldn't share comfortably with God is not acceptable in His Kingdom either. On and on, many, many changes must come about. A big one for most, they will have to recognize God's feasts rather than the world's holidays! God's not into pagan festivities, even if man tries to include Him, so we that want to be a part of His Kingdom must not be connected in any way. History will tell us holidays are really pagan feasts adopted by the church, and twisted into their religious services to make them suitable for their congregation to celebrate. Suitable for them perhaps, but an abomination to God, so off limits to Kingdom people.
There will be great change in the educational system also. The majority of the schools' textbooks are written directly from man's intellect. Intellect is nothing other than knowledge passed down through the ages, starting with Adam and Eve who were the first to learn from the Tree of Good and Evil, Satan. Can you see why this current world is wicked, falling apart at the seams and failing man so badly? In the Kingdom, knowledge will be available always from the Tree of Life, Christ. His knowledge will restore and renew rather than corrupt and destroy. We all have access to the mind of Christ even now through scripture, through the prophetic word and the knowledge that is revealed and released for these end times. Do we avail ourselves to reprogramming our minds with truth so we can make the proper choices and mature in the things of God? How much time do we spend on the world's sports, our present careers, mindless entertainment, futile gossiping with not so Godly friends, listening to music written by questionable psalmists with worldly ideas and morals? Let's be honest. Whose Kingdom do we really relate to, and in all honesty, want to see established?
You see, our nature will not change and we will never be restored to His image if we continue as we are. For instance, above all things, God is a God of love, to be in His image we must also be loving. This means to fit in His Kingdom we cannot lie to one another, cheat or try to control and con one another, yet this is everyday conduct for many. It's not a loving nature and certainly not behavior acceptable in God's Kingdom. Do you realize all the above-mentioned traits are inherent to the world's business arena? It's referred to as being clever, sharp, shrewd. Not acceptable however in the Kingdom. The fact that the world lies, cheats and steals has no bearing on the child of God. All people are to be treated equally using Kingdom principles. Much of the world is immoral, not faithful in any kind of relationship be it personal or business, because they are selfish and life is all about them. Kingdom people obey the laws God wrote on their hearts and minds forbidding this kind of behavior, they therefore esteem the needs of others above their own.
The selfish nature of the world is why its economy is failing. Do you know the Word of God tells us all the silver and gold belong to God? Man has claimed for himself money that he has robbed from the Lord! He hoards it and builds his own little empire not concerned with God's Kingdom. A very big change in man's thinking is required and soon to be demanded by God. He has His own ideas on how to expand His Kingdom and how to spread knowledge concerning His covenants and blessings so humanity can have hope. The world's wealth and the earth's resources will be returned to God's Kingdom to be distributed as He sees fit. The Word of God says so and His Word will not come back void.
To recap the points made, there will be a one world government, but the one being gathered by Satan today will not be successful. God's chosen leaders will be established in office. The banking system will be implemented by them, so the blessings promised God's people can at last be loosed upon them. Education will be based on the thoughts of the Tree of Life, the Word of God who became flesh and dwelt among us to make all these changes possible. There will be a one world religion. No denominations, no false doctrines or lies, no other gods, no icons, no worshipers of the adversary in any form. One God, one faith, one religion, one family of God will remain as this world's systems melt under the anger of God. God will intervene for His people.